Fruit Crate

Tart & Tangy flavors abound in this assortment sure to pleaser anyone who enjoys the classic combo of fruit and chocolate.
3 pieces each of:

  • Pomegranate (a silky truffle with tart pomegranate overtones),
  • Dark Raspberry- dark chocolate & raspberry truffle topped with plenty of beautiful scarlet freeze dried raspberry powder,
  • Mango Lassi- a tangy and sweet truffle made with white chocolate topped with a piece of preserved mango
  • Sour Lemon- our most popular truffle! A (very) tart & lemony white chocolate truffle which will definitely make your mouth pucker!
  • Passion Fruit Pate de Fruit - A jelly made with fruit pectin which tastes like nothing less than the sweet & tart mouthwatering essence of fresh passionfruit.

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